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Wall Art for your Bedroom

We naturally spend more time thinking about the general decor of our bedrooms than we do about the art which can be used to adorn the walls and set the tone of our space.

picture frames on wall in bedroom

For most, the bedroom is a place where they would like to feel at peace - a place to unwind and rest. This is why selecting pieces that help to create the desired environment is key. From the tones, the content or focus of the art, to even the placement of images, these elements can all help to create a soothing space to relax. Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few top tips for finding the right art for your room.

Bedroom Wall Art Tips:

  • Beautiful landscapes, seascapes, nature scenes and abstract paintings can be calming; anything with soft lines or curves will create a tranquil feeling, as opposed to sharp, straight lines and vivacious designs, which have a more disruptive feel. In a similar way, soft, calming colours, such as pastels, pale blues, greens and neutral tones will help to achieve a sense of peace, over more vibrant colours. This is by no means to say that those art pieces do not have their place, but it is much better to save those stimulating pieces for other areas of the house.

  • It is often felt that artwork in your bedroom should feel personal to you. Although it does not have to be, if you wish, you can take the opportunity to place pieces that are quite unique and meaningful to you, after all it is one of the more private rooms in the house.

  • Textured or fabric artwork is also a good way to soften the look of a room, as well as introducing some more character to a wall. As with all hanging art, we recommend still being mindful about the colours and position of these types of pieces too! It’s about creating a sense of placement – the picture is meant to fill the gap on the wall in an intentional way.

  • Symmetrically placing pictures can also engender a sense of tranquillity, as it is easy on the eye and so the composition of perfectly lined up frames can bring balance to a room. You can play around with frames with this in mind by placing smaller frames either side of a larger picture, adding height by stacking two or three similar sized prints vertically on a wall or by simply aligning a few pieces in a horizontal row. Be careful to consider your space and work with it, as bedrooms should ultimately feel uncluttered - a small gallery wall may work in some bedrooms while in others it can make the place feel unsettling!

  • Finally, while ideally you wouldn’t want to match your artwork to your room decor and risk the pieces being completely overlooked, it’s a good idea to think about themes and colour schemes. To help create a cohesive feel to the space, you could select a particular colour in your walls or an accent colour brought in through your decor, which can be reflected or highlighted in the art pieces you opt for.

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