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Top Tips for a Simple Home Refresh!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Given the increased amount of time spent at home since the onset of the pandemic last year, we've all looked at our surroundings at some point and wondered what can be done to give our homes a refresh. So we've listed 5 simple tips, guaranteed to make every day feel brighter! You can give your home a mini makeover with even just a few of the following steps.

Woman on sofa with wall art
Make your home all kinds of amazing this Spring!

Fill your heart & home with joy every day!

bright feature wall

#1 Get creative with colour

Why not be daring with a feature wall? Reduce the cost of re-painting an entire room, by only doing one! It looks intentional and can also harmonise a room that has mismatched furniture. If you are in a rented place, you can still do this with removable wallpaper. Genius, I know! This allows you to create the same effect, or even add a pattern to spruce up the wall, all the while being completely peel-able.

happy woman with plants

#2 For the love of plants

Finding a plant (or two) for your home, will refresh any space and add a warm, welcoming feel too. There are countless styles of plant pots that will also help to give the room some more character.

wall prints in cosy living room

#3 Wall prints for the win

Our sources say... wall prints are in and here to stay! We've got you covered on this one, head over to the Prints page to pick your uplifting prints. They make a stunning addition to any room and framed options are available upon request too.

sofa, rug and throws in cosy living room

#4 Create a feature with a rug

Rugs are a fantastic way to jazz up a room or hallway and with a wide range to choose from, you can go with fluffy and comfortable, wild and bold, or chic and sophisticated. Choosing a rug can be easy, but there are a few things to consider before buying. For example, what tone would you want it to bring to a room? You don't want to crowd the space, so you might want to start thinking about the size and position of the rug.

Also, if the thought of getting Kiddylicious stains on the rug is what is holding you back from getting one, all hope is not lost, as there are plenty of stain removers out there, that do work!

three luxury reed diffusers

#5 Fill your rooms with a subtle fragrance all day long

With all that revamping, complete the refresh by introducing a new delightful scent to your rooms. We've got you covered for this one too, our Fruit of the Spirit Reed Diffuser Collection will have your home smelling exquisite!

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