Ultrasonic Diffuser with cool mist

Ultrasonic Diffuser

Transform your home into a tranquil, beautifully scented oasis, with our new Ultrasonic Diffuser. Featuring a clean and classic design, this diffuser releases a combination of fragrance oils and water into the air, in the form of a cool mist.


Functioning both as a diffuser (with a few droplets of our Fruit of the Spirit oils) and as a humidifier, it is also alleviates dryness in the air. Designed with your home in mind, our Ultrasonic Diffuser has a night-light setting and offers either a continuous or intermittent spray pattern, helping to create a calming atmosphere for you and your loved ones or just a way to signal some ‘me time’.


Read the scent descriptions below and choose the 10ml fragrance oil that you would like to be included, from the drop down menu.


Joy - A gorgeous exotic fruit blend with a deep woody base.


Kindness - A wonderfully warm plum fragrance, enriched with hints of sweet vanilla and an unexpected touch of cream coconut.


Peace - A luxurious salted caramel and vanilla blend, with a touch of musk for a deeply comforting warmth.


Patience - A luscious pomegranate and vanilla blend, fused with rich woody undertones

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